BBBS is one of Canada’s Top Charities!



Maclean’s has ranked Canada’s best charities to help you make smarter, more effective decisions about where your charitable donations go. Once again ranked in the top 100 charities, Big Brothers Big Sisters is proud to be recognized for our dedication to mentoring young people. With over 50 years of service rooted in Guelph, we are deeply committed to the young people of this community. Ranked 7th among the youth-serving charities, Big Brothers Big Sisters received a final grade of 92.5% based on financial metrics and transparency.

As the article states, “Canada is one of the best places to live in the world, but there are many social, economic, environmental and health issues that demand our resources and attention. Alleviating poverty, stopping the climate crisis and finding cures for deadly diseases don’t just require spending more money, but spending it wisely. It’s fine to spontaneously give away a dollar or two at the grocery store every once in a while. But consider using our ranking to decide where to allocate the bulk of your charitable giving budget. If every Canadian did just a little bit more planning about how to put their donations to the best possible use, we could accomplish a lot more.”

“We’ve done all the hard work for you. We assessed how hundreds of Canada’s major charities compare on two key criteria: what they do with each donated dollar, and how transparent they are about it. This allowed us to compile a list of the 100 Canadian charities that performed best on those criteria—a great starting point for making decisions about where to give. If you prefer to donate to specific causes, we also have lists of the top charities broken down by sector.”

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