Rob and Peter were matched during COVID-19 and started by getting to know one another through virtual mentoring. Eventually, they were able to meet in-person and explore their shared love for sports and activity. “Being a Big Brother has been great for my own mental health,” Rob said. “I can de-stress from work, enjoy activities with Peter and spend time just talking. It’s a step away from my everyday routine and a chance to give back to someone else.”

“I’ve benefited so much from having Rob as my mentor,” said Peter, reflecting on the impact that his new Big Brother has had. “I don’t really have any male influencers in my life, and Rob has been that for me. We share so many interests and our time together has given me something to really look forward to each week.”

We’re so proud of what Rob and Peter have become as a match in such a short and tumultuous time, but their connection is real and their relationship grows stronger every day. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two!